New Game Announcement

I am proud to announce that Galactic Ascension–my turn-based, 4X Sci-Fi strategy game for the Nintendo Entertainment System–is complete!

From the back of the box:

Take command of an interstellar empire, launch fleets of starships to travel across the galaxy and wrest control of planets from rival empires. Explore the galaxy to identify key planetary systems to exploit for their strategic or economic value.

Up to four players take turns issuing secret orders that are resolved simultaneously each round. Launch fleets and watch as well-laid plans unfold. Coordinate attacks and reinforce strategic positions. Create countless scenarios with several pre-made maps or hundreds of randomly-generated ones, and five playable alien species, each with their own special abilities. Play against your friends in the hot seat or challenge the CPU.

The game will have a soft launch at the 2018 Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE) later this month, and will be generally available for sale online in November.

Update (2018-10-03): you can pre-order the game through Stupid Geeks Inc. here: